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Tampa ranks 5th most popular city in america miami What is”Boca hontus”?Lol i was born and raised in miami and have never heard that it made me laugh xd im assuming it has something to do with boca raton and pocahontas? As for the plastic surgery pandemic in south florida.But it seems the american culture and the internet has made a lot of women and men insecure to the point where they feel they have to go under the knife to live up to some”Ideal image”They have in their mind.Some women and men buckle under the pressure of image and go plastic surgery crazy like heidi montag Having said that.The study has a huge hole which is that they didn’t differentiate between tourists/visitors and people who actually live in tampa.Most of the people who get botox, visit salons, get procedures done in tampa are people who are visiting from another state, they want to come and visit florida for a week or two, visit the beaches, bask in the sunshine and get a little work done and then go back to their friends in south carolina, texas, new york or wherever looking”Naturally refreshed”If you know what i mean.So no, its not people who are living in tampa that are vain, its the people visiting that are getting most of those procedures done. So if you visit tampa you will see a lot of dermatology/plastic surgery places driving around but rarely will you see a person who has clearly had work done strutting around the mall in a bikini top, leather miniskirt, chanel sunglasses, christian louboutin heels and a louis vuitton bag giving off huge waves of vanity its just not that kind of place, thats more miami and south beach.It’s like two different worlds really;Most people in tampa are extremely down to earth, kind and not vain.Most people in tampa wear shorts, flip flops and at shirt.Some guys just walk around with no shirt hey its fl no one cares.People are extremely down to earth in tampa, most dont really care about wearing the latest fashions from vogue or spending thousands of dollars in plastic surgery procedures to look like barbie or megan fox.Theyre the farthest thing from vain.The list was made by counting how many people got botox, face lifts etc and how many people bought things like teeth whitening products and visited salons most of the people doing that are people who visit tampa, not the ones who live in tampa. I went to the lowery zoo $5 day with my family.Hot, humid, swampy smelling, and extremely crowded.I loved it.I found the people friendly and interesting.I struck up conversations with some nice people.Beautiful to watch families having fun together.The delight my granddaughters exhibited feeding the long tongued giraffe made any discomfort well worth it;Another great memory for grampa’s treasury. We went to siesta key beach last week.Depression debbie had washed up a great deal of seaweed along the pristine beach and out in the water.The kids had a ball chasing the little fish that were hiding under the floaters.I almost caught a crab that was in the flotilla.Amazing how those tiny pincers could cause me to be overly cautious.A deadly catch man i am not. Life is never going to be perfect down here, but there sure is a lot to enjoy if you look for it. Lower cost of living than miami Lots more places to rent than miami, there are many more apartments and homes to rent in tampa than miami and theyre definitely cheaper than miami If you are white you are not a minority in tampa unlike miami Quiet, slower paced lifestyle this could be a con depending on what you like People are less aggressive and much friendlier than miami Most days in the summer the temperature doesn’t get higher than 89 degrees Lots of”Natural”Beauty, pine trees, forests, cattle, horses, even some ranches Possibly more jobs than miami depending on what you do Drivers aren’t as bad as miami, but still not excellent, you’ll see a lot of umm”Crushed”Cars driving around with dents and bumps in various spots but still not as angry and aggressive as miami drivers Lots of golf courses if you like that kind of thing Has a seminole hard rock just like the one in hollywood, fl8 Peninsula next to clearwater is gorgeous especially when you see it for the first time, it has a hawaii island vibe that is very appealing, if you visit tampa definitely drive to clearwater beach, indian rocks beach and all the way down to treasure island and st.Pete beach its a very pretty drive

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